Create a safer prison environment, save time and money

Want to make a difference on the inside?

Unify can offer a one-stop shop for custodial technology, bringing together prisoner telephone systems, mobile phone detection and tablet technology to tackle problems within prisons. 

We’ve already worked with a number of prisons and secure facilities both within the UK and abroad and can provide you with a flexible solution that will save your organisation time and money. Unify deployed the first in-cell prison phone solution in both Europe and Asia Pacific and have many years of valuable experience working with the custodial sector.

Using technology and telephone services within prisons can help reduce violence and cut reoffending rates by providing valuable support and building on family contact.  

How can we help?

  • Prisoner telephone systems to provide call control and give inmates access to pre-authorised numbers.
  • In-cell and in-bedroom phones that fully integrate with Unify's call control system.
  • Mobile phone detection to eliminate unauthorised mobile phones in prisons and other secure facilities.
  • We are working with customers to provide drone detection and denial.
  • Prisoner tablet technology to provide a single point to manage activity such as healthcare, education and messaging.
  • We have a number of developments that can assist both prison staff and inmates and can provide bespoke solutions for your organisation.

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