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Unify CONNECT Call Control Solution

In-cell telephone systems may sound like a ‘luxury’ for those residing in prison, however it goes much deeper than that, communication with the outside world is proved to support the rehabilitation and reduce the chance of reoffending of those using them.

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Unify DETECT Mobile Detection Solution

As the technology used to smuggle contraband into prisons continues to advance, it's important your threat management solution is able to withstand such attempts. With Unify DETECT manage threats to prison security and the local community by intercepting unauthorised use of drones and mobile devices within prison grounds. 

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Unify BLOCK Mobile Blocking Solution

It’s no secret that unauthorised mobile phone use is a problem within Prisons and secure facilities, but what if you could make those mobile phones obsolete? With Unify Mobile Blocking you have the facility to identify and block any mobile phones being used in prison.

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Unify INFORM Digital Signage Solution

Lack of information about their surroundings and the outside world can leave prisoners feeling anxious and isolated. Avoid miscommunication and provide prisoners with day to day information such as weather and news updates as well as internal prison information with Unify INFORM.

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Unify ENTERTAIN In-Cell Media Centre

In-cell entertainment is there to reduce stress and boredom when prisoners are locked away in their cell. It is apparent that regular TV’s can be ‘modified’ using items that can be found around the prison and in turn lead to problems elsewhere as well as unauthorised channels being accessed. With the In-Cell Media Centre, live entertainment is accessed via IPTV, which does not need a TV aerial to work, which stops the ability to tamper with.

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Unify REWARD Incentive Solution

Encouraging good behaviour and rewarding the compliance with prison rules stands prisoners in good stead for their release. The Unify REWARD Incentive Solution is the perfect way to manage prison run incentive schemes effectively and fairly.

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