Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Business Video Conferencing Solution

Supporting businesses to efficiently work together from multiple locations. Unify's cost effective video conferencing is a solution that provides businesses with opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and clients based anywhere in the world.

Video conferencing

With the advancements in technology, business can now be done from any location, with the internet and cloud-based technology, we’re no longer restricted to working from an office space. That in mind, face to face meetings aren’t always the most efficient or cost-effective way to catch up with colleagues and customers – and that’s where video conferencing can help.

The system allows you to set up video conferencing giving you face to face contact along with the screen, desktop and document sharing all from your browser. With a low-cost licence and the elimination of travel costs, improved collaboration and the ability to work seamlessly with your IT environment, NEC’s video conferencing is a very cost-effective option.

Multiple Conferences

Up to four conferences can be arranged at one time each containing eight parties (32 channels in total) and run on your internal network or via VPN. As this is an onboard application no external PC or server is required meaning less cost and less hassle.

The interface is simple to use allowing conferences to be set up with ease. Invitees are sent an invitation via email (or other methods if required) and can join by clicking a link creating the opportunity to make meaningful connections across your business.

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