Unify REWARD Incentive Solution

Encouraging good behaviour and rewarding the compliance with prison rules stands prisoners in good stead for their release. The Unify REWARD Incentive Solution is the perfect way to manage prison run incentive schemes effectively and fairly.

How does the Unify REWARD Incentive Solution work?

Understanding boundaries and how to respect them, can help with a prisoner’s progress of rehabilitation and reintroduction into the outside world. Rewarding inmates in return for good behaviour also gives them a level of responsibility, making them responsible for their own spending on items such as telephone credit, clothing and confectionery for example.

It has been proven that acknowledgement of good behaviour gives prisoners the satisfaction that they are working for a purpose, that good behaviour is acknowledged and in turn rewarded accordingly. This can also encourage positive relationships between prisoners and prison staff, improving prison moral and atmospheres.

Unify REWARD is designed to be a platform to deliver individual incentive schemes, specific to each prison.

Who is the Unify Reward Scheme System for? 

Rewarding good behaviour in the form of points can prove as an incentive for Prisoners to work towards, and improve the prison atmosphere.   

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STC’s & YOI’s

Health & Social Care

Key Benefits for the Prisoner 

  • Points are spent like currency 
  • Purchases of luxury items 
  • Rewards good behaviour 
  • Promotes independence  
  • Safer prison environments
  • Good behaviour helps with rehabilitation  

Key Benefits for the Prison 

  • Promotes good behaviour 
  • Safer prison environments
  • Easy to track and reward points 
  • Fully auditable 
  • Secure systems reduce the opportunity for bullying  

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