Line Rental

Line Rental

Unify Telephone & Line Rental

Unify can offer your business significant savings on your telephone calls, line rental, broadband and more specific cabling requirements. We have extensive experience in business networks and connectivity and our team can help you decide on the most suitable way for your organisation to stay connected.

Digital & Analogue Line Rental

You can continue using your existing telephone line and number, but start benefiting from significant savings on your telecoms bill. It’s a simple process with no set-up costs and flexible rolling contract terms, giving your business flexibility and peace of mind.

Leased Lines

Unify offer a range of options on leased lines which could give your business significant cost savings. A leased line can offer benefits such as faster download and upload speeds and a reliable connection and speed.



ADSL Broadband Connections

Unify supply ADSL connections and can offer considerable savings on rental costs for your business.  ADSL enables faster transmission through a single connection but allows users to download data and make voice calls at the same time.

We can offer a range of competitive options and will help you to decide what service is best for your business.

Cabling Services

We can plan, design and physically build the infrastructure you require and support your business throughout the entire lifecycle. Our service covers all types of cabling, network requirements, installation and support.

If you’d like to find out more about our cabling services please contact us via the contact form below.

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