Unify INFORM Digital Signage Solution

Lack of information about their surroundings and the outside world can leave prisoners feeling anxious and isolated. Avoid miscommunication and provide prisoners with day to day information such as weather and news updates as well as internal prison information with Unify INFORM.

How does Unify INFORM Digital Signage work?

Unify INFORM Digital signage is a platform that displays all of the information prisoners may need about their surroundings and the outside world.

Inform and Direct – Interactive maps of the prison grounds help prisoners find their way around the prison grounds, identifying key points of interests on the map with photos and stoppage points.

Inform and Include – Display information on groups, classes and events that may be of interest to prisoners, providing them with the information they require to take part.

Inform and Support – Provide details, contact information and location of support services available to prisoners.

Inform and Collect – Unify Digital Signage allows prisoners to leave feedback and report complaints directly from the interactive signs.

Who is the Unify Digital Signage for? 

Developed specifically with our custodial partners, the Unify Digital Signage has been designed for use within:

Prisons & Secure Facilities – an interactive way for Prisoners to find their way around the Prison grounds with detailed information about locations, services, menus and live news streams.   

Secure Children’s homes/YOI – For use by the children to find out more information about services, events, educational programmes and access to support services.   

Although designed specifically for use within a Custodial setting, Unify INFORM Digital Signage could be tailored to display any information required and therefore used in a variety of settings such as Educational, Healthcare environments and even Leisure locations.

Key Benefits for the User 

  • Easy to use touchscreen 
  • Displays key information 
  • Interactive navigation around the grounds. 
  • Live news feeds relieve boredom and keeps prisoners up to date with the outside world. 
  • Provide feedback/complaints easily.   
  • Keep up to date with reward system and what’s available to purchase. 
  • See support services information and contact details.  

Key Benefits for the Prison 

  • Reduction of staff required to relay the information stored on there. 
  • Easy to update with announcements or key information.  
  • Reduce printing costs and time spent reprinting/displaying information around the grounds.  
  • Receive feedback/complaints easily. 
  • Keeping upto date with the outside world reduces reoffending rates. 
  • Access to Support services is good for inmate wellbeing and mental health 

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