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In-cell entertainment is there to reduce stress and boredom when prisoners are locked away in their cell. It is apparent that regular TV’s can be ‘modified’ using items that can be found around the prison and in turn lead to problems elsewhere as well as unauthorised channels being accessed. With the In-Cell Media Centre, live entertainment is accessed via IPTV, which does not need a TV aerial to work, which stops the ability to tamper with.

How does Unify ENTERTAIN In-Cell Media Centre work?

The boredom of prisoners can result in a number of consequences, including self-harm, drug abuse and violence. Keep inmates occupied Unify’s In-Cell Media Centre providing controlled access to entertainment, educational programmes or audio books.

Entertain & Rehabilitate – Carefully controlled connection with the outside world can be beneficial for the inmate with news updates being a good introduction to what is happening in the outside world.

Entertain & Educate – Using the In-Cell Media terminal, prisoners are able to continue their studies in the comfort of their own cells.

Entertain & Inform – It can be used as a platform to view Unify INFORM.

Entertain & Reward – Prisoners can manage the prison incentive scheme REWARD using the In-Cell terminals.

Who is the Unify Media Centre for? 

Having access to the in-room Media Centre will provide resident/inmate with the freedom to watch what they like in the privacy of their own room/cell – safely. All channels and accessible media are controlled by the secure facility so you can rest assured no unauthorised channels or films can be accessed.  

Designed in line with the requirements and safety stipulations that come from working in custodial settings, the Media Centre is controlled by a fixed remote that requires no batteries.  

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Key Benefits for the Resident/Prisoner 

  • Privacy of watching TV within their cells 
  • Reduces conflicts over communal TVs 
  • Access to Educational courses to continue learning programmes out of the classroom. 
  • Keep upto date with news and updates from the outside world. 

Key Benefits for the Prison 

  • Reduces conflicts over communal media channels.  
  • Less aggressive behaviour as a result, equalling less staff required in communal areas. 
  • Supports the delivery of educational programmes Prisons are required to deliver. 
  • Safe remotes reduce self-harm opportunities from things such as batteries. 
  • Media Centre does not allow prisoners to ‘hack’ TVs.  



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