Unify DETECT Mobile Detection Solution

As the technology used to smuggle contraband into prisons continues to advance, it's important your threat management solution is able to withstand such attempts. With Unify DETECT manage threats to prison security and the local community by intercepting unauthorised use of drones and mobile devices within prison grounds. 

Unify DETECT Mobile Detection Solution

Inmates are becoming more and more inventive with the way in which they get their hands on these. The type of mobile phones being smuggled range from the small ‘Beat the Boss’ style phones, up to the more sought after Smart phones.  

The Unify Mobile Detection System provides 24/7 mobile detection and identifies the unauthorised use of mobile phones via multiple signal types including WiFi and Bluetooth. UMDS is able to pin point mobile use right down to the location by cell/room. 


Unify DETECT Drone Detection Solution

Drones are increasingly becoming the route of choice when it comes to smuggling contraband into Prisons, detecting these can be a manual process and they are often only spotted as a matter of ‘luck’ when prison staff see them enter prison space.  

The Unify Drone Detection System provides 24/7 drone detection and identifies any attempts to enter prison grounds with unauthorised goods via drone.   

Key Benefits 

  • Less contraband entering the prison 
  • Reduction in bullying, violence and intimidation between prisoners
  • Safer prison environments
  • Targetted cell searches rather than random reduces the efforts of prison staff
  • Reduction in drug use
  • Used together the systems provide an entire view of illegal smuggling efforts

Unify Mobile Detection

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