Unify CONNECT Call Control Solution

In-cell telephone systems may sound like a ‘luxury’ for those residing in prison, however it goes much deeper than that, communication with the outside world is proved to support the rehabilitation and reduce the chance of reoffending of those using them.

How does Unify CONNECT Solution work?

With the Unify CONNECT Call Control System it is possible to implement this communication opportunity with the reassurance that it is done in a controlled and safe way, while improving prison environments and safety too.  

By having access to a telephone that allows contact with friends, family and support lines in the privacy of their own cell, there is not only the benefits for the prisoner to consider, but also what a positive impact that has on the Prison too.

Who is the Unify CONNECT Solution for? 

Having access to the outside world is important to anyone who is away from their family, whether they are a prisoner in a custodial prison or a Young Person being cared for in a Secure Training Centre. Our PIN telephone system provides this contact in a controlled and safe way, which ultimately helps with rehabilitation and reduces the likelihood of reoffending.  

See how our Custodial technology can be used in all secure facilities: 


Secure Children’s Homes/YOI

High-Security Hospitals

Key Benefits for the Prisoner 

  • Privacy of making calls within their cells 
  • Communication with family and friends 
  • Access to support lines 24/7 
  • No need for a phone card 
  • No queuing for communal phones 
  • Can have incoming telephone calls if appropriate 
  • Helps with rehabilitation and preparation for release

Key Benefits for the Prison 

  • No queuing at communal telephones 
  • Less aggressive behaviour as a result 
  • Secure PIN systems reduce the opportunity for bullying  
  • Family contact supports rehabilitation 
  • Regular contact with the outside world reduces reoffending rates 
  • Access to Support Lines is good for inmate well-being and mental health 

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