Unify BLOCK Mobile Blocking Solution

It’s no secret that unauthorised mobile phone use is a problem within Prisons and secure facilities, but what if you could make those mobile phones obsolete? With Unify Mobile Blocking you have the facility to identify and block any mobile phones being used in prison.

How does Unify Mobile Blocking work?

Blocking can be done by location, for example, a specific cell or an entire prison. Instances, where this may be appropriate, would be where there is a disturbance in one area of the prison and in order to contain such episodes there needs to be an ensured block on any communication between prisoners in different locations.  

Used with Unify Mobile Detection System the blocking of mobile phones is a massive step in prisons becoming mobile free. 

Who is the Unify Mobile Blocking for? 

Unify Mobile Blocking is for anyone looking for a ‘mobile free’ prison – used in conjunction with the Unify Mobile Detection System it will allow prisons to identify and block any mobile phones that make their way into prison grounds.  

Realising that any mobile device that makes it inside soon becomes obsolete will act as a deterrent for those attempting to smuggle mobile phones inside.  

Key Benefits of using Unify BLOCK

  • Reduce illegal activity within prisons
  • Reduction of violent and intimidating behaviour between prisoners
  • Improve the safety of prison environments
  • Mobiles become obsolete
  • Prisons can work towards becoming mobile free
  • Reduce the drugs and other contraband that make it into prison

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