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Technology Solutions for Health & Social Care

Social Care covers a wide area of service providers from elderly care homes to Secure Children’s Homes, the services we provide in these settings are tailored specifically to the requirement of the home. Our expertise in custodial technology is a great platform to provide technology in settings such as Secure Children’s Homes that require safe and secure solutions just in different circumstances.

Care Homes 

Our telephone and IT Solutions are used to support the setting within care homes, whether it’s a small administration system you’re looking for or a network across homes in various locations.

Secure Children’s Home  

Our solutions are designed to support the educational, social and emotional needs of young people in the care of facilities such as Secure Children’s Homes. Our solutions have been developed specifically with the challenges faced in these settings in mind along with the health and well-being of the children, not only do they provide the services required, but do so in a safe and secure way.   

High-Security Hospitals



Children in the care of a Children’s home will find any contact with the outside world an extremely important part of their with the outside world is crucial to their rehabilitation and health and well-being, our in-cell telephones not only allow this contact with family and friends but also provide round the clock access to Support lines such as the ChildLine. Each child has their own pre-approved list of numbers they can contact, calls are recorded and keyword recognition is also a key feature in keeping these young people safe. Read More 


We know how important media is to young people and those who are in the care of a Children’s home will find the Unify Media Centre a welcome form of entertainment. It is a platform for watching Films, TV Programmes, radio and accessing Educational programmes all through the in-room TV. Using IPTV to deliver content to the residents it is managed by staff, to ensure no unauthorised channels are accessed. The specifically designed remote is installed in the room and does not require batteries, meaning children can access a range of authorised media safely without the worry of batteries or cables being used for self-harm. Read More



Our services are primarily split into two areas, we provide Business Solutions along with Custodial Technology however, we understand that no two businesses or secure facilities are the same and how our solutions are used may differ from one to another.   Read more about how our solutions can be used specifically within your sector.  

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