Reliable Solutions for the Educational Sector

Managing high numbers of pupils along with staff over what can be a large estate, needs careful consideration in terms of telephony and IT solutions, with accessibility and reliability being a key factor.

Telephony Solutions 

We understand the importance of a reliable phone system within schools that requires the ability to liaise with staff and parents quickly and effectively. With NEC’s MyCalls schools are able to manage high spikes in calls at peak times for example – bad weather and record a new message that allows you to get across an announcement to a large audience – quickly and effectively. Read More 

IT Solutions 

We’re able to support your entire schools I.T. infrastructure, from servers to multi-site networking, our experience allows us to provide you with the exact set-up that is right for you. Read More 

Higher Education 

Unify’s experience in communication technology within large estates translates perfectly to the composition of Higher Education facilities.  

As well as Telephone and IT solutions we have the Unify Digital Signage Solution. 


University and College campuses can be pretty daunting, with new students finding it difficult to find their way around, learn of campus events, and find the nearest cafes and other facilities.  

With the Unify Digital Signage Solution, students will be able to navigate their way around campus with the interactive information points.  Read More 


Our services are primarily split into two areas, we provide Business Solutions along with Custodial Technology however, we understand that no two businesses or secure facilities are the same and how our solutions are used may differ from one to another.   Read more about how our solutions can be used specifically within your sector.  

Meadowhead School

"The new system is simple to use, easy to learn and makes transferring calls straightforward. Even at the busiest times everything is quick and easy to manage. In turn, this has meant that we’ve improved our service to the public.” Sue Beres, Meadowhead School

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