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Specialists in the Custodial Sector, we provide innovative solutions designed in partnership with our customers to provide safer prison environments, support rehabilitation and reduce reoffending, cost effectively. Our experience in this sector has led us to develop some of the most effective technology for use specifically in secure facilities including Prisons. We understand the challenges and testing circumstances that Prisons can present to the inmate and Prison staff and our solutions are there to help create safer environments, support rehabilitation and promote the wellbeing of the inmates.


Contact with the outside world is crucial to a Prisoners rehabilitation and health and well-being, our in-cell telephones not only allow this contact with the outside world but also provide round the clock access to Support lines such as the Samaritans. Each inmate has their own pre-approved list of numbers, calls are recorded and keyword recognition is also a key feature in keeping Prisons safe. Read More 


Mobile Detection – Mobile phones are a problem faced in every prison, however, our Mobile Detection Solution will help reduce the number of mobile phones inside. Our solution can detect and pinpoint a mobile phones whereabouts based on multiple signal types as well as Bluetooth and WiFi, right down to the specific cell. Read More

Drone Detection – Techniques to smuggle contraband into Prisons are becoming more and more inventive, with Drones playing a major part in many Prisons. Our Drone detectors can help to identify attempts to deliver any unauthorised goods, with real-time alerts and heat-map visualisation. Read More 


Finding your way around a Prison may not be the first thing you think about when going inside, but the complex layouts can make getting around difficult. Our Unify Digital Signage solution is an interactive platform for Prisoners to navigate their way around the Prison grounds, find out information about educational programmes, daily menus, reward scheme and can display live news streams Read More 

Unify Entertain 

In-room Media can be a way for Prisoners to have restricted entertainment safely. The Unify Media Centre is a platform for watching Films, TV Programmes, radio and accessing Educational programmes all through the in room TV. All media is streamed to the Media centre, which is managed by Prison staff, to ensure no unauthorised channels are accessed. With the specifically designed installed remote that doesn’t require batteries, inmates can access a range of media safely without the worry of batteries or cables being used for self-harm. Read More 


Reward schemes can be a great incentive for Prisoners to work towards, promoting good behaviour and rewarding with points that can be used to purchase items has proved successful in improving prison environments. Giving prisoners the independence to work for these and spend as they please also plays a big part in rehabilitation and resettling into the outside world. Read More 


Our services are primarily split into two areas, we provide Business Solutions along with Custodial Technology however, we understand that no two businesses or secure facilities are the same and how our solutions are used may differ from one to another.   Read more about how our solutions can be used specifically within your sector.  


Guernsey Prison

“The systems provided by Unify have been well received by the prisoners and this level of independence and responsibility from within their cells has seen great results in terms of an improved prison environment for prisoners and staff alike.” Gov. David Matthews, Guernsey Prison Read the full Case Study

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