Meadowhead’s Aspirations Visit to Unify

Posted on June 19, 2018

This morning we had a number of Year 10 students from Meadowhead School visiting Unify to discuss what life is like working for an IT and Technology company.

Arriving at the office, we welcomed them with some background information about Unify and the types of products and services we offer to both local businesses (including Meadowhead School) along with our more specific products designed for the custodial sector.

All of the students are currently studying Computing and or IT and have shown an interest in working in the Technology industry following school, Unify has the advantage of employees with a mix of educational backgrounds that were able to chat with the students about how they found themselves working in the roles they are in, and what a day at Unify can look like.

We showed the students examples of our products and how they are used in Prisons, and how technology is being used to help rehabilitate prisoners and prepare them for release back into the community.

Our developer Dan spoke to the group of students about how our products come to life, dependant on the requirement of our customers and how he became part of the Unify Development team. Next, the group were joined by the Engineers Taz and Elliott who described a typical day in the life of an Engineer and how the role can take them around the world depending on the location of our customers – from underneath a muddy caravan to a prison in Denmark!

Following on from there we introduced the group to the Sales and Marketing team, who spoke about how we use social media from a business perspective and analytical tools to understand what our customers are looking for.

What the Students had to say about their visit:

What did you enjoy?

“Everything, the people, the food, the office”

“Listening to how people found their way to Unify”

“The experience, very interesting to listen to”

“The social media side


What did you learn?

“That there are lots of different job options in IT”

“What kinds of jobs and tasks they do, different areas of work, qualifications for getting that kind of job”


What do you need to remember?

“You can achieve anything you set your mind to”


It was a pleasure to welcome the students, and we were really pleased to receive the feedback from the pupils on their return back to school – and love that they left the office with the mindset that……“You can achieve anything you set your mind to”!




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