Guernsey Prison – In-Cell Education

Posted on May 11, 2018

The Customer

Guernsey Prison is the only prison on the Island of Guernsey, that in mind the facility is equipped to hold remand and sentenced prisoners, males, females, young offenders, children and vulnerable prisoners with varying security categories, offences and sentence lengths.

The Challenge

Guernsey Prison has worked with Unify previously to deliver in-cell telephones to their prisoners, and were now looking for a way for prisoners to access educational programmes from within their cells.

The cost of recruiting tutors in prisons can be quite high, and classroom time can be limited.  It was important that prisoners could have the option to continue to learn whilst in their cells.

The Solution

Successfully using the Unify CONNECT in-cell telephone solution, Guernsey prison were looking to provide further access to in-cell technology, that would not only work in partnership with the existing telephony, but enhance the prisoner experience too.

The importance of rehabilitation and access to family connections is paramount within Guernsey prison, with education playing a huge part in that journey to release. To enable prisoners to access educational platforms that was not just limited to time in the classroom would be a contributing factor to that success.

Unify worked in partnership with Guernsey prison to deliver the in-cell solution that enables prisoners to access their educational programmes, submit applications, read information notices  as well as topping up their telephone credit. All of which can be done from the prisoners own cell.

Why Unify?

“Having worked with Unify so successfully on the in-cell telephone system, we were confident that not only would Unify understand our requirement but be able to deliver a solution that was bespoke to us. The team at Unify are always professional from the project scope to the delivery and installation, working within secure environments presents its own logistical hurdles, but Unify have a great experience in working in complex environments and are still able to deliver great results, on time and safely.”

The Results

“The systems provided by Unify have been well received by the prisoners and this level of independence and responsibility from within their cells has seen great results in of an improved prison environment for prisoners and staff alike.” – Gov. David Matthews, Guernsey Prison

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Guernsey Prison Case Study

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